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Program Spotlight: GOALS

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Meet our GOALS Family Life Coaches and learn more about this valuable program.

The GOALS program works with households in state-funded family housing at the Taunton and Stoughton Housing Authorities. The program is designed to help families improve their economic status by focusing on areas of career, employment, education, financial literacy, and income earnings.

We believe that we should give families, who are willing to work hard, the chance to earn a better life by providing them with the opportunity for public housing and then allowing them to participate in a rigorous program aimed at self-sufficiency. Benefits include increased earned income and the ability to save up to $15,000 with our ESCROW program, life skills training and much more.

Program participants are required to work or further their education while being provided with intensive case management and a broad array of services. GOALS program Family Life Coaches work individually, and in cooperation with, our public housing families to provide guidance and support to help them achieve their goals.

Our Family Life Coaches work with families to identify the challenges that residents face in gaining independence and recognizing methods that have not been successful in the past. This is accomplished by helping them to navigate options and services that are available to assist them in progressing by increasing their economic stability allowing them to have less reliance on public housing and becoming self-sufficient.

If you would like to participate in the GOALS program, or, if you need additional information, please contact our Family Life Coaches at 774-409-0066 or 774-409-0341.

**There are a variety of informational sessions scheduled if you'd like to learn more. Check out our Events Calendar for the upcoming schedule.**

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