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Community Links

The Taunton Housing Authority works with many local organizations that provide valued services to our residents. Here are links to a few organizations that we work with to make our community a better place. Some of these links go to other websites, over whose content we have no control.

City of Taunton

A very informational site about the City of Taunton. Contact information for all of the cities elected officials and its departments can be found here.

MA Department of Housing & Community Development

DHCD offers programs, housing and funding to communities to serve those with low to moderate incomes. The mission of DHCD is to strengthen cities, towns and neighborhoods to enhance the quality of life of the residents of Massachusetts. To accomplish this mission, they provide leadership, professional assistance and financial resources to promote safe, decent affordable housing opportunities, economic vitality of communities and sound municipal management. They forge partnerships with regional and local governments, public agencies, community-based organizations and the business community to achieve common goals and objectives. In all of these efforts, they recognize and respect the diverse needs, circumstances and characteristics of individuals and communities. Housing applications are available here.

HUD Regional Office - Boston

HUD's website is a clearinghouse of information and services about homes and communities for citizens and for HUD's current and potential business partners. It's designed to empower citizens and business partners by giving them what they want, when they want it, in ways that make sense to them, so they can solve their own problems and achieve their objectives.


The Massachusetts Chapter of the National Association of Housing and Redevelopment Officials, MassNAHRO, is a membership association of local public housing authorities, community development agencies and housing and redevelopment officials. While the National organization is concerned with Federal policies, MassNAHRO is primarily concerned with the policies of State agencies and State programs and the implications of national policies at the state and local levels.

Taunton Council on Aging

The Taunton Council on Aging provides a comprehensive program of activities designed to satisfy the physical, social, economic, recreational and psychological needs of the citizens of Taunton. This site provides essential information on the programs, activities and support groups provided through the Senior Center for elders living in our community.

Taunton Human Services

The Department of Human Services works in conjunction with the Taunton Council on Aging. The DHS provides a comprehensive program of activities designed to satisfy the physical, social, economic, recreational and psychological needs of the citizens of Taunton.

Taunton Chamber of Commerce

The Taunton Area Chamber of Commerce is a champion of the needs of small business in the communities of Taunton, Raynham, Dighton & Berkley. They work at the state and local level to influence government action, and within the community to increase your business exposure. This site has links and information about local businesses.

Heart of Taunton

The Heart of Taunton is dedicated to downtown Taunton's growth and prosperity. They are a nonprofit, independent organization made up of retailers, professionals, bankers, service organizations, developers, city officials, historic preservationists, and people who care about downtown Taunton.

The Neighborhood Corporation

The Neighborhood Corporation is a nonprofit Community Development Corporation (CDC) serving the Greater Taunton area. They are a collaborative partnership of residents, businesses, community organizations, and municipalities working together to build strong neighborhoods.

Bristol Elder Services

Bristol Elder Services is a private non-profit corporation, designated as an Aging Services Access Point and an Area Agency on Aging. Bristol serves as the entry point for elder services in southeastern Massachusetts. The Taunton Housing Authority and Bristol Elder Services jointly operate a supported housing program in which residents live in their own private apartments and receive services needed to maintain independence. The program combines subsidized housing with supportive services such as case management, homemaking and personal care assistance. An application for this program can be found in the Documents section of the THA’s website.

Head Start & Early Head Start

Head Start is a federally funded preschool program operated by Triumph, Inc. for 3-5 year old children who are considered "at-risk" due to poverty or other family circumstances. Head Start is designed as a school readiness program and strives to reinforce the role of the parent as the child's primary teacher. The Early Head Start program provides comprehensive services to families who are pregnant or have children birth to age 3 and meet eligibility guildelines in Taunton and Raynham. This program is operated by Triumph, Inc. through a collaborative arrangement with Associates for Human Services.

Boys and Girls Clubs of Taunton

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Taunton is a unique organization consisting of a clubhouse, a daycare center, and a summer camp all located within Taunton.

Arts Collaborative of Taunton

The Arts Collaborative of Taunton, is a group of local artistic, historic, entertainment, cultural, theatrical, and artist supporting organizations that have formed this collaborative to provide greater access and take advantage of shared resources to bring forth the best in the arts community to families and individuals of any age, in the Taunton area and its surrounding communities. From drama to comedy, music of all genres, dance, and art, ACT works as a group to bring the best in entertainment and culture to our area. Participate in, or attend performances, of individual groups and cultural organizations throughout our local area and enjoy yourself as well!